I Am Not an Only Cat

Nefertiti Naps

For the first year of my life, I was a happy kitten.  Then came the interloper, my brother Nefertiti.  It was hard, but I learned to adjust.  He’s not too bad but every now and then he remembers I tried to eat him when he first came home and swipes a paw at me.  Since his paws are tiny, this is no biggie.

Ms. Brooklyn

Now we have two more additions to the family this year.  First, the grandkitten, Brooklyn.  She’s quite feisty and actually had the audacity to hiss at me!  Me, the older and clearly more superior cat.  How rude.  Maybe she didn’t take it well when I tried to eat her.



Cookie's Haircut

Next comes Ms. Cookie.  I haven’t actually had to share space with her since she is my human’s sister’s dog, but really!  The whole concept of having a dog in the family just doesn’t sit well with me.  We are a cat family and this should be followed by all.  Anyone getting a dog should just be disowned.

I may forgive auntie since Cookie tries to act like a cat.  She grooms herself and everything.

I’ll give it some thought after my nap…

2 thoughts on “I Am Not an Only Cat”

  1. Awww, give a canine a chance! I have two feline siblings. Oreo the male black and white that is the newest member of my family and Missy the elder stateswoman of our clan (shel’ll be 22 in October) are wonderful friends and playthings. Opps mates. The humans I own spend too much time with them, but then ten seconds not spent on me is too much.
    Take my word Cookie will work to be your buddy. And, Hey, stop trying to eat everybody.

    1. Hey Sandy,
      I have nothing against canines in theory, but I enjoy being Supreme Emperor of my domain. Until the interlopers pay me due homage, I reserve the right to be smug. And don’t worry, I have become more picky about my diet, so I won’t try to eat Cookie.
      Thanks for reading.

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