Sheep, they’re all Sheep

Smutty loves the article by Paul Carr outlining how the Internet enables those who act without thinking to circulate harmful and untruthful stories or, in some cases profilerate scams.

For instance, in May when the world apparently ended, as many as 2,000 people signed up for a service to take care of their pets AFTER the end of the world.  They each paid $850.00 for this privilege.

Correct me if my feline brain has it wrong, but if the world ends, won’t pets be gone also?  And how about the people who were paid to watch the pets, won’t they be dead?  So, how will they fill the contract when they and the pets are dead?

An ounce of research can prevent a pound of useless re-tweeting and blogging.
Yawn… nap time.

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