Smutty Speaks

As a cat, I consider myself mostly above petty politics, however now and then I feel it is my Cativic duty to speak out.  The recent rash of silly scandals has forced me to make the following notes;

Politicians are hired by the public to perform a job.  The jobs they perform affect a lot of people (and animals).  Therefore their jobs require good judgement.

So, when a politician cries “I made a mistake”, there should be no sympathy for keeping their job.  If you do not have a significant requirement of a position, for instance, good judgement.  You should be fired.  In private business, employees are fired if they do not have the skills for a job.

In the animal kingdom, animals are killed and eaten if they do not have good judgement.

So America, do you hold your politicians to a higher standard than your pet?  If so, make sure you vote carefully next time.

Debate over, time for a nap… Yawn.

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