Smutty’s Rambles

Sometimes I like to confuse my human.  She is great and keeps me in food, water, catmint and toys, but as a feline, I have to stay mysterious.

First, if my human is reading or watching TV, I must end my nap and demand attention.  Once I get attention, I must become aloof.  Next, comes the random pounce.  This is best attempted when your human is barefoot.  It produces the maximum shock value.

But the favorite feline activity is to crawl up on the human’s neck.  There is something warm and comfy about the neck area of a human.  Also, it annoys them to have a cat on their neck.  So you get double satisfaction from one act.  It’s best to try this after your human is feeling guilty for not paying you enough attention.  Then they will not push you away.

Yawn… see you next time.

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