Smutty Is Confused

Smutty is confused by humans. My human had her car window broken out in a rainstorm so they could steal bottled water???
Um.. wasn’t there enough water falling on them from the sky?
What causes humans to be illogical?  Maybe their fur is too tight.

The Sky Is Falling… Oh Wait, It’s a Satellite

Satellite fallingSmutty was quite alarmed to learn that a satellite was falling out of the sky. Even more alarming was that idea that there was a good chance that Smutty might be hit by some debris from the satellite. But, good news, the bad satellite missed Smutty and everyone he knows.
Apparently no one was hurt by sky garbage and all is right with the world.

Among the many things to come out of all this hoopla is a Star Trek/Star Wars type phone app that let humans track the satellite while it was falling.  Smutty thinks this is hilarious.  Imagine being hit by space garbage while Tweeting it on your cell phone.   Not a good way to go.

Cats and dogs don’t need a cell phone app to tell them to hide under the nearest bed or chair.  Pets can sense when there is a problem with the sky and they dive for cover.  So next time there is danger coming from the sky, don’t look at your cell phone, watch your pet.  They will show you what to do.

Tweet, Friend, Post, Play – What the Heck is Up?

Smutty likes to blog.  After all, humans don’t understand cat-speak so I have to write it down to be heard.

But Smutty is a little confused about all the different Social Media activities going on.  Facebook, Twitter, Empire Avenue, Google+.  It seems just as one gets popular, another comes along.  Then you connect them so the same information is going to the same people you were connected to on the last site.

It seems that maybe all of the sites should get together so you can just make one big post and everyone would get a big update together.  Maybe this would be too much for humans.  Maybe they should get back to basics, just sniff each other and move on.

Brotherly Love

Smutty is feeling a little sympathy for Nefertiti today. He took a little trip to the vet to be fixed and now he’s pitiful.

Smutty still has horror flashbacks of his own trip down snip snip lane and it was not fun.  Nefertiti took a long time to show signs of adolescence (in heat for those of you who don’t know).  But finally he got a little frisky and earned himself a trip up the table.  Its not just the pain, which is bad enough, its the indignity of having your hindparts shaved and bald to the world for weeks on end.

Even worse, now he’s on a diet.  Yep, the vet says he’s overweight and has to come down.  So he can’t even console himself with his favorite past time.

Oh the incatumanity!

Books, Paper vs Screen

{EAV_BLOG_VER:12f5c899ac1db109}  Humans are in the middle of a dilemna; should they read print books or electronic?  Well Smutty is here to advise from a superior point of view.

Electronic books are convenient and portable so that you can catch up or study on the go.  Or, if you have an appointment that will have you waiting a while, this is a great way to pass the time.  Tablets and reading devices can also keep notes, hold shopping lists and set alarms that keep you on task.

But if you are in the comfort of your home, the feel of a good printed book cannot be underestimated.  Real relaxation takes unpluggimg from alarms and lists.  Enter the paper book.  Turning pages, glancing at the cover and of course, placing the book over your face are all actions that cannot be replicated by any glass-screened device.  Plus, the light from eReaders and tablets keeps you from dozing off.

And face it, no self-respecting cat is going to take a nap on your eReader, its not comfy enough.

Really, You Gave Him Money Without Looking in the Box?

Every cat and dog knows humans are facing difficult economic times, but it is more important than ever to have the latest technology.  Even Smutty doesn’t leave home without his HTC Evo.  So bargain hunting for electronics is at an all time high.  With the recent price drop of the HP Touchpad, everyone wants to upgrade for a bottom price.  But, when you have a sales transaction with someone out of their trunk in the parking lot, you really should take the time to open the box and turn the device on so you know it works.

Humans in Spartanburg, S.C. don’t know this.  Recently reported are two incidents of women purchasing a laptop and an iPad from a man in a white car.  The iPad was made of wood and the laptop was made of paper and tape.  The iPad was sold for $180 and the laptop sold for $250.  But they both got real cords in their box of crap.

Smutty is not the smartest cat, but didn’t the weight of the laptop give it away?  Thin and light laptops are not quite that light.  And even though Smutty has no opposable thumbs, he would turn on any product he bought for more than $20.  Before giving a strange man $250.

Well, keeping up with this stuff is tiring, Smutty needs a nap… Yawn.