Brotherly Love

Smutty is feeling a little sympathy for Nefertiti today. He took a little trip to the vet to be fixed and now he’s pitiful.

Smutty still has horror flashbacks of his own trip down snip snip lane and it was not fun.  Nefertiti took a long time to show signs of adolescence (in heat for those of you who don’t know).  But finally he got a little frisky and earned himself a trip up the table.  Its not just the pain, which is bad enough, its the indignity of having your hindparts shaved and bald to the world for weeks on end.

Even worse, now he’s on a diet.  Yep, the vet says he’s overweight and has to come down.  So he can’t even console himself with his favorite past time.

Oh the incatumanity!

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