Opposable Thumbs Don’t Equal Intelligence

SmuttyLately Smutty has been following business news for laughs.  It seems human CEOs have suffered a massive and joint attack of the stupids.  After all, what successful business ticks off it’s customers with two massive price increases within 4 months and makes it so that the customer has to pay 2 bills and log in to 2 different accounts. What business makes an announcement that they will split off a computer division, then backtracks to say maybe not.

Now, Chapstick management has decided that since they didn’t like the comments on their Facebook page (where customers are invited to post comments), they will just delete them and ignore the wishes of customers.  Then, after finally waking up and removing the offending ad, they had the chutzpa to actually (gasp!) blame the customers for posting negative remarks which were removed.  Under the guise of being an apology of course.

Smutty now needs a nap, his head hurts.

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