Changing Views

Smutty is pro feline.  Smutty used to be anti-dog, but he is coming around.  Smutty met a new (sort of) friend named Max.  Max is a king-rotweiler who was rescued by a friend of Smutty’s human.  Max had been neglected and mistreated, but his new human treats him great.

In return, Max has thwarted the plans of two criminals who attempted to rob Max’s human while he was not home.  Personally, Smutty knows to check for the presence of a 180 lb security alarm before breaking and entering.  Once a dog of this size has you in his jaws, you won’t be getting out in one piece.

So, between Max, Hercules and Cookie, Smutty has to admit that dogs are sometimes a good thing.  But don’t be putting your paws on Smutty.

Yawn, moral stretching is hard work.  Nap time.

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