Occupy Forever

occupy wall streetSmutty appawes the Occupy Movement.  Smutty is all for supporting the undercat or underhuman (a little fuzzy on the underdog).

So Smutty has been following the Occupy Movement with interest and support.  Now, however, The Man has begun to crack down on Smutty’s friends in an effort to make them go away so no one can know just how bad the economy is.

Clearing out the parks and camps under the guise of “sanation” is mere propaganda.  If government and police were really concerned about public health and sanitation, they would enact policies to get homeless pets and families off the streets, and into permanent housing before winter falls.  Nothing will be less sanitary than a pile of frozen, dead human and pet bodies come spring thaw.

Take note politicians; pets know how to be grateful for a forever home.  Even dogs know how to act when rescued, Hercules lived up to his name when a family showed him love.  Politicians, if you want votes, stop blowing smoke and posturing (animals know this behavior well), just show compassion and love for your voters and they will show the same for you.

Power to the Pawple.

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