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Monday Funnies

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Summer School is In: Monsters University

Well, Smutty must say, animated films are holding their own this summer.  Madagascar 3, and Dr. SuessThe Lorax have done well at the box office and Brave is anticipated to do the same.  So Monsters University should be a no-brainer.  The original Monsters movie was great fun and Smutty loved the animation effects that had even Sully’s fur moving realistically.  Unfortunately, Disney/Pixar is making us wait until next summer for this one.

Add Monsters University to your 2013 must-see summer fun list.  Smutty says so.

What Were They Thinking??

Smutty occasionally takes time out to ponder some questionable Human behaviors.  Yesterday Smutty found out that major sportswear company Adidas, had developed and almost brought to market a pair of sneakers with bright orange shackles attached to the ankles.

Correct me if Smutty is wrong, but isn’t Adidas’ primary customer base young, African American males?  What possible spin could be placed on a product which evokes images of slavery and prison?  There is no way someone in the entire Adidas company did not mention this as a possible issue.  If not, Adidas needs to hire some minorities in Public Relations immediately.

The design was defended by Adidas as being “quirky and lighthearted”.  Smutty wants to know if the designer feels lighting cat and dog tails on fire is considered “quirky and lighthearted” or if he would be offended if a mugger slapped and beat his mother then sold brass knuckles as a “fun” product.  Shackles cannot be considered in a fun or humorous manner by anyone, for any reason.

If Adidas is truly sincere about not intending to offend, they should hire some minorities on the product review team right now.  Smutty is available for consultation.

Meantime, all young males need to sell their Adidas’ and head to the nearest Nike store.  Vote with your wallets and show this company just how “quirky and lighthearted” you feel about their offense.  Smutty will not be gracing any of his 4 feet with any Adidas products.

Prometheus, Star Trek and Toy Story; Who Knew?

Some movies are simply great and nothing could improve them.  Some movies seem to go together like cats and naps.  A few talented humans have managed to merge some good movies into great mash ups.  Like The Lion King Rises, these are made by a master.  Enjoy your weekend when you stop laughing.

Smutty thanks Ripley Connor for introducing us to these great videos.

The Next Big Thing or Just Another Sci-Fi Flick?

There has been some mystery surrounding the movie Prometheus, but it has been confirmed that it is a prequel to Alien.  The premise of the movie is that humans go seeking the rumored “seeders” of the planet to make contact.  It doesn’t go as well as they had hoped.

Smutty is laughing with paws in the air.  Humans never see the “big bad” thing coming before they set out to look for something or someone.  The saying is curiosity killed the cat, but cats and dogs know when to run from the scary thing coming and don’t keep poking around in dark abandoned spaces.

If you like suspenseful sci-fi, you should love Prometheus.  It may not be Avengers, but it is worthy summer viewing.

No Excuse For Rudeness

Smutty had the horrifying experience of witnessing “customer service” in action at a “Human Services” office. The customer was having an emergency of some kind and wanted to talk with her worker.  After calling on the in-house phone several times, she got no response.  She got in line again and politely asked if they would check and see if her worker was in, or send an e-mail to say she was waiting.  The desk person snidely stated “that’s the way they did it on (street name) this is (street name)”.  The customer said there’s no reason to be rude, and was subjected to more rudeness before some other staff intervened.

Smutty knows rudeness when he hears it, and this “customer service” person treated everyone in her line like crap.  We all are aware of the state of the economy, but there is no excuse to treat people seeking help like pond scum.  Most new entrants to the DHS system would rather be anywhere else.  Why mistreat them and make it worse?

Hopefully as the economy gets better, humans will remember their manners.  Otherwise, animals will be better behaved and will tell their kids “don’t act like a bunch of humans”.

Smutty can hope.

Move It, Move It to the Moovies

Sequels are a Hollywood fact of life, including sequels to movies that should have never been written.  But this summer, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted  brings some magic to the sequel.  Any movie with a feline for one of the major characters gets Smutty’s apawval, but all of the animals turn in great performances.  As always, the penguins add the special touch that makes Madagascar movies great.  Put this on your must-see list for summer.

Smutty will even skip a nap to see this one.