No Excuse For Rudeness

Smutty had the horrifying experience of witnessing “customer service” in action at a “Human Services” office. The customer was having an emergency of some kind and wanted to talk with her worker.  After calling on the in-house phone several times, she got no response.  She got in line again and politely asked if they would check and see if her worker was in, or send an e-mail to say she was waiting.  The desk person snidely stated “that’s the way they did it on (street name) this is (street name)”.  The customer said there’s no reason to be rude, and was subjected to more rudeness before some other staff intervened.

Smutty knows rudeness when he hears it, and this “customer service” person treated everyone in her line like crap.  We all are aware of the state of the economy, but there is no excuse to treat people seeking help like pond scum.  Most new entrants to the DHS system would rather be anywhere else.  Why mistreat them and make it worse?

Hopefully as the economy gets better, humans will remember their manners.  Otherwise, animals will be better behaved and will tell their kids “don’t act like a bunch of humans”.

Smutty can hope.

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