Cybergeddon, the Latest Web Series From Yahoo!

(Credit) DKemp Designs

Smutty is pondering litigation.  It seems the creators of CSI have come up with a new Web series called Cybergeddon.  It appears to be a great project, but the title is dangerously close to Smutty’s own movie Smuttageddon.

Couldn’t they have found another name for it?  Why have the confusion, Smutty has enough competition without the creators of CSI adding to his troubles.

Well, check out the trailer and let Smutty know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Cybergeddon, the Latest Web Series From Yahoo!”

  1. De Ja Vu- Wait, Smutty is a Director! I’ve promoted to web series this year, as a matter of fact they received WWWebStarr Awards. Smuttageddon is the takeover sequel to a movie that’s not even made yet. Dang that cat is a genius!

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