Grimm Delivers Fast-Paced Fairy Tales

If you haven’t checked out Grimm on NBC, you are missing out on one of Smutty’s best guilty pleasures. Well written with action, drama and occasional dark humor, this is one of the best things on network TV.

Strictly in the PG-13 category, Grimm is fairy tales meets Michael Myers/Freddy Kruegger and a dash of NCIS. These are not the bedtime stories you tell your kittens and puppies. Catch up on the network site if you are just joining.

One thought on “Grimm Delivers Fast-Paced Fairy Tales”

  1. Wait, Smutty is a director! what a cool cat. I am still buzzing about Tether, and another pilot that I’m following called little ballerina on @stage32online . I read somewhere that cats are waiting for us dum humans to catch up, Smutty tell your human subject (Dorthea) 3’s Company.

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