Skynet is Very Close

SmuttyCat has been keeping an eye on robots for a while now. Robots and felines don’t get along well because they can’t be predicted.

The latest news in the robotics world shows that SmuttyCat has been right all along, robots are trouble. First up, exoskeletons that read minds. Well, if it can read human thoughts, maybe it can control them.

Next, special muscles that are making robots extra strong and unbeatable. Unsurprisingly, Google is financing this project by purchasing the company who was spearheading the research.

Finally, a prizefight is shaping up between ATLAS and Valkyrie, two robots who are part of the DARPA robotics challenge to develop a means of exploring dangerous zones. In theory this is a great idea. But what is to prevent Skynet from turning them on humans? Hey, cats need humans until we evolve opposable thumbs.

3 thoughts on “Skynet is Very Close”

  1. Dorothea, thank you for your response. I will admit to a significant degree of conditioning that influences me to select my words carefully and accurately so that my intent is clear to anyone with the vocabulary to follow me. If they inform me that they don’t understand then I substitute words that are more commonly used with similar definitions. I agree that 3000+ people is a significant number who find the cat’s name and activities amusing. It is also my understanding that this number represents a very small portion of Internet users as a whole or even those who are surfing in search of amusement. I never claimed that your site had any content that was not G rated. I pointed out that the cat’s name, in combination with the fact that a cat is mentioned in association with that particular name could easily give many the impression that more adult content is housed on your site than is the case. By all means, name your site as you see fit. That is a free speech issue and there are many examples of sites that are deliberately offensive in both name and content that go far beyond what yours does. I was attempting to encourage you to consider the numerous cat lovers who don’t want to be exposed to adult content that may well avoid your site due to being exposed to similar names that they don’t want a repeat of. You mention that Google rates your site as G. Have you considered why Google also stops offering suggestions by the third letter in the cat’s name? This is a technique that Google uses since it doesn’t want to promote adult sites but will provide access to them if the user can spell them on their own. Since your site is so pristine, why do you think that Google offers no assistance to find it by the name. I made no other efforts to find it since I didn’t know what was here and very much prefer to limit my exposure to adult content, which blind searches on the content in the name would certainly have generated. Lastly, I’m quite well aware that my refusal to use the cat’s name directly seems rather repressed and perhaps somewhat extreme to you and many of the 3000+ who visit regularly. I am equally well aware that this post could very easily be taken out of context and give the impression that I was actively looking for adult content. If any of the 3000+ or others wish to do so, they will have to misquote and / or modify my words to achieve their goal. There are too many that I care deeply for who would be dismayed in the event that something like that happened. I chose to comment originally and to reply this time but , in both cases, I attempted to phrase things in a way that was clear but not easily distorted unless the person made very little effort to use my wording at all but copied as much as they liked and rearranged it to their likening.

    We both seem rather firmly set in our own perspectives and are unlikely to change them in any case. If you’d like to respond to this post feel free to do so. I will decide to either respond or submit to you having the last word in this exchange.


  2. I was quite concerned about the name you have chosen for your site. I almost didn’t visit but my curiosity got the better of me this time. Considering what I’ve seen on your site, I must assume that you aren’t unaware of what your domain name implies. I was relieved to find out that the name and the site don’t reflect each other. I hope you see fit to adjust the name so that you get more visitors who come to see what you have to say rather than ones who are disappointed that they didn’t find other content than what I saw. I would refer to you by name but the only one I have seems to be for your cat and no one is going to legitimately find any part of that name in a post from me.


    1. Hello Paul,

      SmuttyCat is always happy to have humans read his posts. However, as Smutty is his actual name, and the blog chronicles his thoughts, musings and views on movies, humans, robots and politics, the domain name stands.
      As his owner, I am sorry you feel that any word choice is repressive to the point that you cannot mention it in your comments. Hopefully, you can join with 3000+ others who find the name quirky and whimsical as it is intended. There is no objectionable content anywhere on this site and the site is listed with Google as G rated.
      We never at any time post anything that would cause embarassment or distress to our followers.
      I hope that we can continue to amuse you with the antics and musings of SmuttyCat who is an established celebrity with a following, and an upcoming animated series.
      If not, we wish you well in all activities.

      Servant to SmuttyCat,

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