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You’re Just Too Stupid to be President, Romney

OK, even Smutty knows you don’t insult peeps on their own turf…

The Next Big Thing or Just Another Sci-Fi Flick?

There has been some mystery surrounding the movie Prometheus, but it has been confirmed that it is a prequel to Alien.  The premise of the movie is that humans go seeking the rumored “seeders” of the planet to make contact.  It doesn’t go as well as they had hoped.

Smutty is laughing with paws in the air.  Humans never see the “big bad” thing coming before they set out to look for something or someone.  The saying is curiosity killed the cat, but cats and dogs know when to run from the scary thing coming and don’t keep poking around in dark abandoned spaces.

If you like suspenseful sci-fi, you should love Prometheus.  It may not be Avengers, but it is worthy summer viewing.

Hold on to your Fur

Smutty is very concerned for all the pets in the path of hurricane Irene. Smutty remembers all the pets displaced or hurt or died during Katrina. Please humans, have a safety plan that includes your furry family members. When the wind dies down, you will want to know they are still safe too.
Smutty’s prayers are with you; God bless all those affected by this storm, including the furry people.

Spring Fever

Spring is the best time to be a cat. A nap in the sun, birds and flies to chase, and catmint to munch. My human planted me a patch of catmint and it is much better than catnip.
I could just roll around and munch it all day. But my human only lets me have a little each day.
Maybe that’s best … I get a little silly afterwards. Then I get sleepy.