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Sing is Holiday Magic at its Best

SmuttyCat is charmed by the newest entry in the children’s movie market, ‘Sing‘. Parents and Grandparents who remember children’s movies where there was a great talent show or competition (think all the Muppet movies) with the underdog working really hard to realize their dream will love this movie.

Well ‘Sing‘ is the same principle done with adorable animals in 3D animation. The animals are cute, the songs catchy, but parents may want to let little ones know to only act out the movie at home. There are some really inappropriate parts for little ones to sing out in public.

Of course, all the characters are animals so it gets the SmuttyCat 4 paws up rating.

All in all, Sing is a perfect Christmas break outing for the whole family. Let SmuttyCat know what your family thinks.

Extended trailer

Everybody wants to be a Cat… Eyes

Diamond Eyes

Humans do a lot of strange things to adorn themselves.  Many emulate animals for instance, fur coats and hats, facial hair, long nails.  But now they are trying to have eyes that are better than cat eyes.

Smutty understands that feline eyes are compelling, hypnotic and beautiful, but humans were not meant to wear diamonds and gold in their eyes to compete.

Yes, diamonds and gold will sparkle and attract attention, but is the price of attention worth your future eyesight?  Smutty says no self respecting animal would make this trade off.  Even with our superior hearing and smell, animals enjoy using our eyes for hunting and playing.

Paying $15,ooo to damage your eyesight is not an option for a cat.

Smutty will now nap and protect his precious eyes….