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From Blogs to Tweets, Cats Rule the Net

Smutty TweetsWe all know how popular cat videos are on the Internet.  And there are countless feline blogs available to please the most discriminating reader.

Now Smutty is pleased to announce that your cat can Tweet you all day as you are away from home.  Yes, for just a few dollars and a little effort, you can build a cat toy that allows your furry loved one to send you Tweets of joy and happiness.  If this doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will.

Smutty, however will continue to Tweet the old fashioned way, with a touchscreen tablet.

Tweet, Friend, Post, Play – What the Heck is Up?

Smutty likes to blog.  After all, humans don’t understand cat-speak so I have to write it down to be heard.

But Smutty is a little confused about all the different Social Media activities going on.  Facebook, Twitter, Empire Avenue, Google+.  It seems just as one gets popular, another comes along.  Then you connect them so the same information is going to the same people you were connected to on the last site.

It seems that maybe all of the sites should get together so you can just make one big post and everyone would get a big update together.  Maybe this would be too much for humans.  Maybe they should get back to basics, just sniff each other and move on.