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Books, Paper vs Screen

{EAV_BLOG_VER:12f5c899ac1db109}  Humans are in the middle of a dilemna; should they read print books or electronic?  Well Smutty is here to advise from a superior point of view.

Electronic books are convenient and portable so that you can catch up or study on the go.  Or, if you have an appointment that will have you waiting a while, this is a great way to pass the time.  Tablets and reading devices can also keep notes, hold shopping lists and set alarms that keep you on task.

But if you are in the comfort of your home, the feel of a good printed book cannot be underestimated.  Real relaxation takes unpluggimg from alarms and lists.  Enter the paper book.  Turning pages, glancing at the cover and of course, placing the book over your face are all actions that cannot be replicated by any glass-screened device.  Plus, the light from eReaders and tablets keeps you from dozing off.

And face it, no self-respecting cat is going to take a nap on your eReader, its not comfy enough.

A Bookstore for Pets

girl and catBorders Bookstore is closing.  Smutty’s human is very sad about this but Smutty has an excellent idea for the empty buildings.

Why not create community bookstores that are open to people and their pets?  Everyone knows that cats love to sit on the lap of a human while the human reads and pets them.  Even dogs like to sit on their humans’ feet while they read.

So why not create a community spot where people can browse the latest books, magazines and newspapers while with their pets.  They can even rent eReaders so there is a limitless amount of material to choose from.  Cities losing revenue to the Borders closing should think about this.  The buildings will not be empty and pets across America will be very happy.

Politicians take note; a lot of voters own pets.  I’m just saying.

Smutty will nap now and dream of an America where pets are welcome everywhere…