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Stupid Human Tricks

power saw/bluetoothSmutty has been rolling with paws up laughing at recent human antics.  First, a woman cut her husband with a power saw. But it was an accident, she thought he was an intruder.  In another room, where the window was locked.  Smutty recommends serious marital counseling.

Next, Mashable asks the question, “Is Tech Too … Distracting“, the answer is “Yes”.  People leave their children in stores, have car accidents and bump into buildings while talking on a cell phone or texting.  My human uses her headset most of the time, but she still looks a little loopy talking to the air.  Once, inside a store, she was talking to her sister in line and start laughing out loud at something her sister said.  Her hair covered the headset so everyone in line moved away from her and started looking scared.  This of course, made her laugh harder.  Finally, she pulled back her hair and pointed out the headset.  Many relieved sighs from the other customers.

Too much staring at the phone or computer is not good for humans.  So Smutty recommends petting your cat or playing fetch with your dog.  Good for you and the pet and you don’t look loopy.


The Sky Is Falling… Oh Wait, It’s a Satellite

Satellite fallingSmutty was quite alarmed to learn that a satellite was falling out of the sky. Even more alarming was that idea that there was a good chance that Smutty might be hit by some debris from the satellite. But, good news, the bad satellite missed Smutty and everyone he knows.
Apparently no one was hurt by sky garbage and all is right with the world.

Among the many things to come out of all this hoopla is a Star Trek/Star Wars type phone app that let humans track the satellite while it was falling.  Smutty thinks this is hilarious.  Imagine being hit by space garbage while Tweeting it on your cell phone.   Not a good way to go.

Cats and dogs don’t need a cell phone app to tell them to hide under the nearest bed or chair.  Pets can sense when there is a problem with the sky and they dive for cover.  So next time there is danger coming from the sky, don’t look at your cell phone, watch your pet.  They will show you what to do.