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$35,000 Backpack??

$35,000 backpack
Um, seriously?

Smutty is all about fashion.  Smutty lives and breathes cool.  Smutty is even more of a fashionophile than his human.

BUT, Smutty draws the line at an ugly backpack that is too small to carry your cat to the movies in that costs $35,000.

Unless the leather it is made from comes with a lifetime supply of rib eye and chuck eye steaks, there is no way the skin of a cow (can you say moo?) or any other animal is worth that amount of cash.  Not only that, but from the pics, it looks like it will carry a cell phone, lip gloss and maybe pack of tissue.

I don’t know about you, but my human needs more stuff than that just to walk to the Mountaineer.  It won’t even hold an iPad!

Can we please remember that many families are homeless and starving and there is no way that the sales of this trifiling non-essential are going to shore up the economy.  We need companies and products for mass consumption that will provide living wage jobs so humans can buy important things like gourmet cat food.  Until then, please only design $35,000 cat cushions or cat carry bags.

Smutty is so upset he needs a nap…