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The Ferengi Have It Right

EnterpriseMy human watches a lot of Star Trek.  I didn’t like it at first, but some of the episodes seem like they are real life.  For instance, in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, the Ferengis get a lot of focus and we learn a lot about their fictional culture.  One of the things they revere is the quest for profit above all else.  This is governed by their Rules of Acquisition.

Rule of Acquisition number 285 is; No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished.  Apparently the IRS subscribes to this theory also.  For instance, in the feel good article about a fan returning a treasured baseball to Derek Jeter, there is speculation on just how much the fan will have to pay in taxes for the rewards he was given for doing the right thing.

Now, there has always been a gift tax to prevent wealthy people from just putting items in family members’ names to avoid taxes.  However, Smutty thinks that when a citizen stands up and does what America CLAIMS is the right thing, there should be no tax on his reward.

Maybe if more humans were rewarded without punishment also, we could reach the enlightened level of society envisioned by Star Trek.  No poverty, no hunger, no war (at least on Earth).

The thought of paradise makes me sleepy… nap time.