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What You Shouldn’t Learn in School

schoolHow in the heck can an atheist be persecuted for their religion?  Dictionary.com defines atheist as;
“persons not inclined toward religious belief. An atheist  is one who denies the existence of a deity or of divine beings.”

So, how does a student sue the school on the grounds that a banner referring to God persecutes her religious beliefs?  If you have no religion, you can’t claim religious persecution.  You can’t have it both ways.  Either you believe in God and a religion or you don’t.  If you don’t believe in God, seeing His name should not persecute you.

This is what is wrong with the American school system.  A student can cause untold headache and frivilous lawsuits with claims that have no basis in logic and the court system takes it seriously.

Here in the animal kingdom, we swat our cubs and kittens a quick one to the ear and they straighten right up.  No court needed.

Pick a side, humans.  No one likes a namby pamby.


Cop Has Narrow Escape

gavelOk, so a cop gave you a ticket then asked you out to dinner.  He didn’t offer to get rid of the ticket, threaten to do more harm or follow you around.  He asked you for a date.  Say no, move on.

Noooo.. instead, you select the opportunity to make a few bucks from the city government by filing a lawsuit stating you  “suffer great fear and anxiety” from the incident.  You suffer fear and anxiety from being called beautiful and asked on a date?? No wonder you are single and destined to stay that way.  Mr. Policeman, you had a narrow escape from a shallow, money-grubbing goldigger with no brains to speak of.  Your note was cute and eloquent and deserved a dignified response, not being slapped with a frivolous lawsuit.

Chicago Judges; please do not let this ignoramus get away with trashing a great guy who simply made the mistake of asking the wrong girl out.  He thought she was special, instead she was and is slime.  No matter how beautiful she is on the outside, her insides are pure sewage.

This man did not continuously contact her, he did not stalk her, he did not even get the courtesy of an actual direct response.  Instead, she attacks his livelihood and tries to make a quick buck.  Had he continued to contact her after a “no”, she would have a case.  But she opted for the spotlight and money grab.

Humans like her justify the animal mating rituals.  Rub noses, sniff hind parts and move on.