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Hey, Where’s Rocky?

moose in poolSmutty can’t stop laughing.  A moose landed himself in a swimming pool.  Yes, a moose in a pool.

Somehow the moose ended up in the backyard of a human and then tried to run the human down.  Now, in the wild, the moose would have been the obvious winner of the confrontation.  But in the human world, there are many traps for wild animals.  The swimming pool was a danger the moose did not see coming.

Once the moose fell in the pool, he did not even have sense enough to come out by himself.  It took 9 humans to pull him out.  I bet this moose thinks twice before wandering out of the woods again.

But the moose did get the last laugh, the damage he caused to the pool and fence will cost the human a few thousand to repair.  Take that, civilization!