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The Next Big Thing or Just Another Sci-Fi Flick?

There has been some mystery surrounding the movie Prometheus, but it has been confirmed that it is a prequel to Alien.  The premise of the movie is that humans go seeking the rumored “seeders” of the planet to make contact.  It doesn’t go as well as they had hoped.

Smutty is laughing with paws in the air.  Humans never see the “big bad” thing coming before they set out to look for something or someone.  The saying is curiosity killed the cat, but cats and dogs know when to run from the scary thing coming and don’t keep poking around in dark abandoned spaces.

If you like suspenseful sci-fi, you should love Prometheus.  It may not be Avengers, but it is worthy summer viewing.

Move It, Move It to the Moovies

Sequels are a Hollywood fact of life, including sequels to movies that should have never been written.  But this summer, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted  brings some magic to the sequel.  Any movie with a feline for one of the major characters gets Smutty’s apawval, but all of the animals turn in great performances.  As always, the penguins add the special touch that makes Madagascar movies great.  Put this on your must-see list for summer.

Smutty will even skip a nap to see this one.

MIB3 Puts Fun in Summer

Memorial Day Weekend the official start of the summer movie season.  Some may argue that this year it began early with the Avengers movie, but Will Smith in MIB3 is the official kick-off of laid back summer in the air-conditioned theatre, fun.  From the previews, fun is the name of the game in MIB3.  So, put on your shorts and sunglasses and head to the nearest movie house for some great fun.

Smutty Says So.

Avengers Meets Smutty’s Appawval

Smutty completely approves of Avengers movie.  It has action and humor mixed well together and Iron Man has some of the best movie lines ever.  No disrespect to Marvel movies before this, but this is clearly what a superhero movie should be.  If  Marvel’s movies continue to get better at this pace, Smutty may have to get a pacemaker.  OK, go see it now.  Stop reading, go see it.

Summer Filmfest

Some years there are no good movies and some years there are too many to keep track of.  2011 is a big movie year and Smutty wants to know why cats can’t go to the theater?  No, instead, we have to wait months or even a year for the DVD to be released.

Felines of the world unite, humans should be able to escort us to the movies for a little lick of slushie while we recline in the nice padded seats in the air conditioning. Cats are cleaner and more well behaved than most children, yet we are kept from enjoying a good movie!

I think I’ll write my congressperson… after my nap, yawn.