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Smutty wants a swimming pool.  I know, most people think cats don’t like water.  This is not true.  Cats don’t like to be surprised by water.  They don’t like to be splashed, sprayed or washed.

But we love to walk through puddles.  A small wading pool is just the ticket on a hot day.  We can take a drink or dip our paws in the water to cool off.  If it is very hot, we might even step in and back out again.  Cats just want options.  We like everything under our control, not being forced to be in water for human convenience.

Now, I’ll take my nap and dream of my pool under a shady tree surrounded by catmint…

Let’s Reorder the World

Yawn… just a few thoughts why I would make a better world ruler than any human.

First, humans  can’t even do simple math.  If the price of oil drops, why would the price of gas go up?  Not logical. Second, why can’t food stamps be used to buy pet food?  The stuff is supposed to be made of real food products, so what’s up with that?  Third, pet owners should get a tax deduction for owning and taking care of pets.

Medical research shows that pet owners have lower blood pressure, less incidence of depression and greater overall happiness.  So, this adds up to less burden on the medical system.  Can you say Tax Break?

Well, its time for my hourly licking and nap… meanwhile, write your congressman.