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Smutty Is Confused

Smutty is confused by humans. My human had her car window broken out in a rainstorm so they could steal bottled water???
Um.. wasn’t there enough water falling on them from the sky?
What causes humans to be illogical?  Maybe their fur is too tight.

Is Your Life Worth 7 Cents?

Human teens make mistakes.  In their attempts to impress each other, they do silly stuff, instead of just sniffing rumps like we four-footed creatures do.  But cats and dogs understand that fighting and harming each other is limited to survival.  Only when survival is threatened do we hurt.  For teens however, some mistakes are really serious and require serious penatilities.  Don’t complain when you have to pay for harming other humans for non-survival reasons.

Smutty doesn’t understand why a teen would think it is unfair to get 2 to 6 years prison time for punching and robbing a 73-year-old man while holding a gun.  Yes, he only got 7 cents from the old man, but the amount of money is not the crime.  The crime was punching and robbing a 73-year-old man.  While holding a BB gun that the old man thought was real.

The lesson is simple;

  1. Don’t rob senior citizens
  2. Don’t scare them with guns, fake or real
  3. Don’t punch and abuse senior citizens
  4. Don’t commit felony crimes and plead “youth”

If your teen follows these simple guidelines, they can avoid losing all future life privileges to being branded a felon.

Teens or Pets?


Well once again Smutty finds evidence that pets are a better choice than having children.  After all, when was the last time you saw your pet breaking the law on national TV?

On the plus side, some of the parents have turned in their kids.  On the minus side, not all of the parents have turned in their kids.  Come on humans, not only will turning them in teach them responsibility, they will get lighter sentences if they go voluntarily.

If they are picked up due to someone else turning them in (can you say friends will sell you up the river?), they become labeled as resisting arrest and get harder sentences.

Well, all this excitement has me tired out… nap time.