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Really, You Gave Him Money Without Looking in the Box?

Every cat and dog knows humans are facing difficult economic times, but it is more important than ever to have the latest technology.  Even Smutty doesn’t leave home without his HTC Evo.  So bargain hunting for electronics is at an all time high.  With the recent price drop of the HP Touchpad, everyone wants to upgrade for a bottom price.  But, when you have a sales transaction with someone out of their trunk in the parking lot, you really should take the time to open the box and turn the device on so you know it works.

Humans in Spartanburg, S.C. don’t know this.  Recently reported are two incidents of women purchasing a laptop and an iPad from a man in a white car.  The iPad was made of wood and the laptop was made of paper and tape.  The iPad was sold for $180 and the laptop sold for $250.  But they both got real cords in their box of crap.

Smutty is not the smartest cat, but didn’t the weight of the laptop give it away?  Thin and light laptops are not quite that light.  And even though Smutty has no opposable thumbs, he would turn on any product he bought for more than $20.  Before giving a strange man $250.

Well, keeping up with this stuff is tiring, Smutty needs a nap… Yawn.