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Black Friday Morphs into Black Thursday

Smutty loves turkey and naps.  A day that celebrates both is Smutty’s idea of a perfect holiday.  So, the idea of giving up any part of a day of food, family and napping leaves Smutty baffled.

Why, oh why, would anyone get up from a feast and leave to go shopping?  For stuff no one needs?

What about leftovers?  What about seconds? What about the naps during the Christmas movies?

black Thursday

Smutty says it is time to put an end to the madness.  Keep Thanksgiving sacred.  Don’t shop unless it’s from your couch.  Use your laptop or tablet to browse.  Don’t leave your family to go shopping.

If you do go, don’t complain when you return to no pie or dark meat from the turkey.  Thanksgiving shopping for anything other than gravy and cranberry sauce is just wrong.

Don’t Forget Your Pet – Black Friday

Cat with bowThe shopping frenzy season is upon humans.  Thanksgiving marks the start of a race called Black Friday, but which now begins on Grey Thursday.  Most stores are starting their sales on Thanksgiving day or evening.

Smutty wants to remind you to not forget the four legged members of your family.  While our needs are few, we do enjoy a few things such as a new comfy pillow, replaced stuffed toys, some new feathers or a chew toy.  In fact, for less than the price of an iTunes gift card, you can set up your pet for a whole year of toys rotated to keep them interested.  Stop in at Pet’s Mart or Pet Supplies Plus and make a pet really happy.

So put it on your list, Smutty needs a new nap pillow.

And don’t forget to throw a tasty tidbit of turkey in the food bowl.  Happy shopping… yawn.