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This Doesn’t Happen to Reindeer

Mrs. ClausOk, thieves, when you see a woman dressed as Mrs. Claus going into the mall, DON’T STEAL HER CAR.  Seems simple enough right?

Mall owners, if Mrs. Claus’ car gets stolen from your parking lot, DON’T FIRE MRS. CLAUS.  Apparently, in Las Cruces, New Mexico they have brain drain brought on by lack of snow.  They don’t understand what the Naughty/Nice list is for.  It is to separate out the wrong behavior from the right.  Take note mall owners; long time volunteers should be treated as the valuable resources they are, not put out to pasture to avoid bad publicity.

Doing this brought on the very bad publicity they were trying to avoid.  Fortunately, they all came to their senses.  The mall invited Mrs. Claus back and the thief returned the car, sans cash from her purse.   Only half a lump of coal all around.

Of course, none of this would have happened if Mrs. Claus had used the sleigh instead of the Subaru.  Reindeer have a great built in alarm system; biting.

Smutty is laughing and crying at the same time.  Please have a Smart Holiday Season.