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Smutty’s Race

SmuttySmutty appreciates all 693 of his followers.  But Smutty is disturbed that his human, Techsnoop’s Helper, has more followers than Smutty.

How can a superior species have less followers than a human?  Don’t misunderstand Smutty.  His human is very nice and provides much comforts.  Not to mention the access to a laptop and tablet needed to keep up with Smutty’s fans and friends.  But still, it smarts that Smutty may not reach 1000 followers before his human.

So, Smutty is asking all feline and canine bloggers to show some pawpport and hit that like and follow button.  Of course, humans are still welcome.

Smutty can’t nap until you show some love.

From Blogs to Tweets, Cats Rule the Net

Smutty TweetsWe all know how popular cat videos are on the Internet.  And there are countless feline blogs available to please the most discriminating reader.

Now Smutty is pleased to announce that your cat can Tweet you all day as you are away from home.  Yes, for just a few dollars and a little effort, you can build a cat toy that allows your furry loved one to send you Tweets of joy and happiness.  If this doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will.

Smutty, however will continue to Tweet the old fashioned way, with a touchscreen tablet.

Books, Paper vs Screen

{EAV_BLOG_VER:12f5c899ac1db109}  Humans are in the middle of a dilemna; should they read print books or electronic?  Well Smutty is here to advise from a superior point of view.

Electronic books are convenient and portable so that you can catch up or study on the go.  Or, if you have an appointment that will have you waiting a while, this is a great way to pass the time.  Tablets and reading devices can also keep notes, hold shopping lists and set alarms that keep you on task.

But if you are in the comfort of your home, the feel of a good printed book cannot be underestimated.  Real relaxation takes unpluggimg from alarms and lists.  Enter the paper book.  Turning pages, glancing at the cover and of course, placing the book over your face are all actions that cannot be replicated by any glass-screened device.  Plus, the light from eReaders and tablets keeps you from dozing off.

And face it, no self-respecting cat is going to take a nap on your eReader, its not comfy enough.