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Exercise is Not Optional

Cats and Dogs know that the weather is hot and we nap a lot to save energy.  But, cats and dogs also take time to romp and get a little exercise when it cools off a little.  Smutty reminds humans that exercise is important even when the weather is hot.  Schedule time in the early morning or late evening and drink plenty of water.

And don’t forget to drop a couple of ice cubes into the pet water dish.  They will appreciate it.

Stay cool, and when it is hottest, take a nap.

Smutty Is Confused

Smutty is confused by humans. My human had her car window broken out in a rainstorm so they could steal bottled water???
Um.. wasn’t there enough water falling on them from the sky?
What causes humans to be illogical?  Maybe their fur is too tight.

Summer Blues

It's a girl
New Addition Coming

Hello fans, Smutty has been busy chasing butterflies, munching catmint and rolling around in the sun. In other words, taking full advantage of the great summer weather.

While I have been having fun, I noticed that the economy has not improved much, cats still do not qualify for food stamps, and people are still gullible to Internet scams.

But on the plus side, Cookie has been settling into the family and Nefertiti hasn’t swiped at me lately.  The weather is good, my human lets me out each morning and there is plenty of cat food in our house.  This is a major accomplishment since Nefertiti eats a LOT.

Our family is expecting a new addition in November (a human girl, my human’s granddaughter), so Brooklyn is in for some adjustments.  She’s still pretty young, so it may be hard from a kitten point of view to be displaced by a baby.  Maybe they’ll buy her some treats and I’ll get a few.

Something to ponder during my nap…

Heat Wave and Fur

Smutty's Nap Spot

Thank goodness for the human invention of air conditioning.  A coat of fur when the temp is 90 plus degrees can be more than uncomfortable.  But air conditioning keeps a feline at their best, lazing around taking naps, chasing invisible prey, nibbling cat chow and of course, grooming.

The only down side is that I can’t go outside to enjoy my catmint.  Maybe my human will catch a hint and bring me some in… mmmm a cat can dream.

Speaking of which, its time for my late afternoon, pre-bedtime nap.  Yawn.

What Weather?

Why are humans always complaining about the weather?  Rain is just a beautiful reason to sleep more hours.  Instead of 12 naps, I get in 14. When I wake up, I just chase the water drops across the window.

Sunshine is great for rolling around and shining my fur.  And a ray of sun is a great place for a nap, all warm and snuggly.

Chasing leaves and snowflakes in the fall and winter are good for keeping in my best buff condition.  After all, a primo specimen of felinehood such as myself must keep up his health.

So, when the weather is not to your liking, take my advice and nap until it changes.  Yawn.